Discover the beautiful island of Guernsey. 

La Trelade Hotel is surrounded by its quiet gardens and is on a main Guernsey route. 

Wild Life

Guernsey has multiple bird watching locations that are peaceful, scenic and bursting with wildlife. Visit the Ramsar site at L'Eree Shingle Bank, which has seen over 150 species of birds recorded in the area, the Silbe Reserve in the heart of St Pierre du Bois or the reed beds of Rue des Bergers. Each spot has something unique to offer and you're guaranteed to see some splendid birds to round off your exploration of Guernsey's wildlife. Between mid-March and July puffins come to our islands to breed. There are a number of ways to see the puffins, cruise around the coasts of Herm and Jethou. Or, for the more active puffin pursuer, or kayak puffin-watching trips setting out from Shell Beach, Herm,.

Cycle & Car Hire

Guernsey can be explored by foot, bicycle or car with no place on the Island too far. Explore the Island to discover many of the hidden aspects of wildlife, historic interests, quiet country lanes and just the sheer pleasure of being off the main roads on hot summer's day. Car hire in Guernsey is relatively inexpensive. Low rates, cheap petrol, reasonable insurance cover and no hidden extras make car rental a brilliant way of exploring the Island.

Guernsey Language

Bian v'nus! Guernsey has its own language, known as Guernesiais. It rare to hear it spoken today, as possibly as few as 200 people are still fluent, but it was in common use before the Second World War. Guernsey names can still be seen on street signs, and Guernesiais phrases can be found on restaurant menus and tourist souvenirs. Volunteers and language enthusiasts strive to keep the language alive with lessons in schools, evening classes, pieces in the newspaper and special programmes on local radio. A Guernsey French Eisteddfod is held annually, along with other cultural events. Some Guernesias Phrases Bian v'nus - Welcome Coume tchi que l'affaire va? - How are things going? Énn amas bian merci - Very well thank you. Quaï temps qu'i fait? - What's the weather like? I fait caoud ogniet. - It's warm today. A la perchoïne! - Until next time! 

Cliff Walks

The stunning 28.5 miles of coastal cliff paths stretch from just South of St. Peter Port, the picturesque capital town of Guernsey, to Jerbourg Point then along the South coast to the Western most point Pleinmont. These cliff paths meander, dip and climb from near sea level to eighty metres above. Spectacular views are had over some of the neighbouring islands, rugged headlands and sweeping bays.